Diane Gans- Owner of KD Dance

In the world of Hip Hop, Leslie Scott is a rare diamond!!!  When bringing her in for master classes, I never have to worry about the integrity of her music, choreography or character.  Whether she is teaching a class, choreography or lecturing, Leslie is uplifting, motivating, energizing and inspiring to her students!

Brenda McHaney

Leslie Scott’s passion and insight is inspiring!  She truly believes in keeping our youth safe while allowing them to express themselves through dance!  Having our daughter learn from her is truly an honor!

William Wingfield

“Leslie Scott is truly an Angel walking this earth, and is a blessing to absolutely everyone she comes in contact with. Her talent goes so far beyond just her choreography. She’s one of the few folks in the industry, that care so deeply about the art form and what we are passing on to this…

Steven “Twitch” Boss

“Leslie does more than “just teach class” or

“make a hot combo”, she INSTRUCTS and

INSPIRES. Two of the many key

components needed in the growth of our

art form.

Everything from her words of inspiration,

to her choreography is artistically bold,

passionate, and loving.

She’s a true artist to the core.”